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NPSS® is an important tool for developing and sharing models of air-breathing engine systems for the propulsion industry. However, since it is fundamentally a flow-network solver, it has been applied to a variety of other fluid/thermal subjects such as multi-phase heat transfer systems, refrigeration cycles, variations of common power cycles (i.e., Brayton), and overall vehicle emission analyses. SwRI engineers can work with you to develop the model you need for your preliminary design, detail design, or test data correlation needs.


Numerical Propulsion System Simulation (NPSS) was originally developed by engineers at NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) in 1995. The code is used for the development of engine performance models that can be integrated into vehicle system models. In this way, engine manufacturers can share critical performance information in a manner that can be easily incorporated into a system model by the airframe builder. Around 2007, NASA GRC signed over control of the code maintenance and development to an industrial consortium, organized and operated by the NPSS Consortium Members. In 2013, the Consortium Members transferred management responsibility of the consortium to SwRI.


Engineers can gain access to NPSS software by either purchasing a Commercial license or by having their company join the Consortium. Commercial license holders have access to all the functionality of NPSS for model development and model delivery. Organizations can buy multiple seats and can use a networked license server. For commercial and individual academic users, NPSS may be obtained from the Consortium website. Interested parties can download a trial version or purchase an annual license either as a university person (reduced rate) or a full commercial license for those in industry. NPSS is export controlled such that sales of NPSS are restricted to countries not currently listed on the U.S. Department of Commerce Anti-Terrorism watch list.

Consortium membership should be considered for organizations that use NPSS extensively and/or have a large number of NPSS users. There are currently two membership levels, Strategic and Regular. Strategic members pay more for membership and have more access to the source code and opportunity/priority in driving changes to the code. Regular members have access to the source code only for the convenience of compiling the code for their specific computer systems.

For more information about joining the consortium, please contact Griffin Beck.

Frequently Asked Questions about NPSS Consortium

Below are frequently asked questions you may have about NPSS®. If you have a specific question that you cannot find on our website or forums, please feel free to contact us directly.

What Is NPSS?

NPSS stands for Numerical Propulsion System Simulation. It is an advanced object oriented, non-linear thermodynamic modeling environment. It isused by the aerospace industry for modeling turbo-machinery, rocket engines, ecs systems, ducting, vapor cycles, etc. Visit our About section for more information or contact us directly. Download a printable version of "What is NPSS?".

How Do I Get NPSS and Who Can Use It?

Anyone who works for consortium member companies can obtain it through their local NPSS representatives. A commercial version is available for purchase or an academic license is available at reduced rate here.

For more information, contact Griffin Beck or call +1 210 522 2509.