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Cased Pipeline Corrosion Model (CAPCOM)

CAPCOM (CAsed Pipline COrrosion Model) software developed by Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is designed to evaluate corrosion conditions of cased sections of oil and gas pipelines. These pipelines, which are encased in protective steel, are subjected to considerable stresses when placed under highways, railroads or rivers. SwRI engineers use CAPCOM to evaluate the effectiveness of cathodic protection systems under the complex geometrical, electrical, and environmental conditions associated with the cased pipeline sections. These assessments are vitally important for evaluating the thousands of cased pipelines that exist nationwide within countless communities and high-consequence areas.

CAPCOM is capable of modeling a wide range of pipe, casing and environmental conditions. The software includes a user interface for input parameters (including parameter ranges), display of structure-to-soil electrical potential color maps along the carrier pipe and inside the casing as well as cathodic protection distribution along the carrier pipe.

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