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Active-Vision Anomaly Detection

Active-Vision™ applies advanced computer vision and Machine Learning Technologies to detect and report actionable traffic condition changes. It can be integrated into a variety of intelligent transportation systems (ITS), using existing traffic cameras to analyze anomalies affecting roadway traffic.


  • Constantly observes traffic camera feeds and generates traffic condition alerts
  • No human monitoring required
  • Cost-effective for city governments and municipalities
  • Subscription-based solution
  • Software upgrades at no added cost
  • Improves safety for rural highways, urban intersections, and pedestrian walkways

Third-Party Applications

  • Cell phone text alerts
  • 511 ATIS systems
  • Emails
  • ATMS systems
  • Mobile app integration

Active-Vision was developed at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), an independent R&D organization and leader in ITS solutions. For more information, contact Ryan McBee or call +1 210 522 3335.

Active Vision software
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