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Project Information Management System (PIMS)

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The SwRI Project Information Management System (PIMS) is a project-management web application used by project teams to complete many project management activities online, using any web browser. PIMS provides eleven “standard” modules and five “custom” modules to help manage project data. Standard modules have many configuration options to customize them for project needs, and the “custom” module forms can be used to generate a completely customized web application tracking, download and reporting system for specific project needs, including (for example) trade studies, engineering change requests, asset tracking, proposal tracking … anything the team can think of.


PIMS provides extensive web application project management functions through the following modules:

  • Action item management
  • Risk management
  • Project logbook
  • Non-conformance management
  • Online checklists
  • EEE parts management
  • Document and image management
  • Materials and processes management
  • Waiver, deviation, and resource release management
  • Project-specific custom modules
  • Calendar

As a web application, PIMS provides three levels of role-based access to these functions (project, module and intra-module) and also supports a wide variety of web-application features for each module (search functions, downloads, history tracking, etc…). There are also many features specific to individual modules (electronic signatures, charting, reports, enhanced search, etc…) and individual modules may be configured to conform to project-specific needs (custom categorization dropdowns, email lists, display settings, etc.).

In addition to a wide selection of modules, extensive functionality and the ability to customize modules for each project, additional advantages to project managers and teams include:

  • Eliminate time-consuming paper trails with real-time web-based access to project data
  • Get immediate access through a subscription or deploy a PIMS site at your institution
  • No special client software required, any recent web browser is fine
  • E-mail based reminder functions
  • File-upload capabilities for detailed tracking and documentation