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Electrified Vehicle and Energy Storage Evaluation (EVESE)

The program provides test data from member-selected sets of battery cells. The tests are selected based on their pre-competitiveness, applicability to application, and usefulness in comparing different technologies in the areas of:

  • Performance and characterization
  • Safety/abuse
  • Cycle life
  • Manufacturing

Test data are provided in a private, independent, third-party laboratory format. All testing is conducted based on the recommended practices.


The SwRI Electrified Vehicle and Energy Storage Evaluation (EVESE) Consortium consists of commercial participants and will run for a period of four years with an annual renewal option. The consortium format allows for cost sharing to a level equal to the number of participants, with the benefit of proprietary data to be shared only among participants.

Deliverables and Pricing

Program deliverables include:

  • Semi-annual progress review meetings
  • FTP secure server database access to test data
  • Monthly progress reports
  • Annual reports
  • Full test results for each battery type per year

The consortium membership is $75,000 per year.