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Beverage Diagnostic and Preservation Devices and Methods: 9,557,307


An apparatus for determining freshness of wine stored in a container includes a housing, a gas sensor, an optical sensor pair, and electrical circuitry. The gas sensor is affixed to the housing such that it extends into a headspace of the container above the wine. The optical sensor pair is positioned such that the optical sensor pair extends into the headspace above the wine. The electrical circuitry is contained in the housing and is electrically interfaced to the gas sensor and to the optical sensor pair. The electrical circuitry operates the gas sensor to generate a series of gas level measurements and operates the optical sensor pair to generate a series of optical transmission measurements. A quality parameter corresponding to the freshness of the wine is determined based on both the series of gas level measurements and the series of optical transmission measurements. 

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Russell W. Greene; Daniel B. Lipton; David J. Trettin; Trent J. Kahute; James H. Wood; Jerome A. Helffrich; David J. Postell; Bob Vanecek