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Bi-Directional Power Conversion Apparatus for Combination of Energy Sources: 6,268,666


A bi-directional power converter apparatus and method of conversion is disclosed which comprises three active elements (output, primary, and auxiliary switches) and two passive components (primary and auxiliary energy storage elements) coupled so as to enable operation in any one of several different power conversion modes, including: a Non-Assisted Generation mode, a Super-Assisted Generation mode, a Super-Assisted Regeneration mode, an Auxiliary Generation mode, and an Output Regeneration mode. The individual components operate in a synergistic fashion to enable the free, bi-directional, transfer of power from primary and auxiliary energy sources to a load, and from the load to the primary and auxiliary energy sources. Further, the invention operates in such a way as to dramatically reduce the effective boost/buck ratios required for low voltage energy sources connected to a high voltage output power bus.

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Shibashis Bhowmik