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Container for Sequentially Dispensing Multiple Fluids onto an Applicator Device: 8,235,619


A structure and system are described which include the use of a combination container for sequentially dispensing multiple fluids onto a removable applicator device. A preferred application of the invention is with the sequential dispensing of a quantity of disinfecting solution over a toothbrush, followed by the dispensing of a measured quantity of toothpaste onto the toothbrush. The device is constructed in a double walled cylindrical (circular or non-circular) configuration with a hollow plunger component coaxially positioned within the cylindrical walls. Beneath the plunger component is contained a quantity of disinfectant solution such that when the plunger is directed downward the disinfectant solution is forced upward between the walls of the double walled container and through dispensing ports directed into the interior where the applicator is positioned. The contained motion of the plunger component downward under the directed force of the applicator brings the base of the hollow plunger into contact with the base wall of the container and causes the collapse of the hollow plunger. A second liquid/gel contained within the hollow plunger is then directed up and out of its enclosed volume through ports aligned with the applicator. The design is intended to accommodate a wide variety of compounds and applicators. Wherever the dispensing of two different compounds (liquids/gels) is required in a sequential manner, the present invention finds applicability.

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William R. Meredith; Annette Johnson Meredith; Albert J. Parvin; Erika C. Laiche