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Corrosion Monitoring of Concrete Reinforcement Bars (or Other Buried Corrodable Structures) Using Distributed Node Electrodes: 8,466,695


Systems and methods for real time detection of corrosion of rebars embedded in a concrete structure. Test bars are selected for corrosion testing purposes, and may or may not also be part of the concrete reinforcement structure. These test bars are coated, and exposed sections of these test bars form a network of node electrodes. Electrical measurement from a counter electrode near a node electrode provides an indication of corrosion at that node electrode. Using a system of node electrodes and counter electrodes, a large concrete area may be monitored, and if corrosion is indicated, a methodical selection of electrodes can be used to locate the corrosion. The same concepts may be applied to detect corrosion in buried structures, such as pipelines and tanks.

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Kuang-Tsan Kenneth Chiang; Lietai Yang