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Diesel Fuel Having Improved Qualities and Method of Forming: 5,746,785


A mixture of alkoxy-terminated poly-oxymethylenes, having a varied mixture of molecular weights, is blended with diesel fuel to form an improved fuel for autoignition engines. The mixed alkoxy-terminated poly-oxymethylenes may be produced by reacting paraformaldehyde with methylal, methanol, or other alcohol for a length of time and at a temperature and pressure sufficient to form the mixed alkoxy-terminated poly-oxymethylenes. The base diesel fuel, when blended with the mixed alkoxy-terminated poly-oxymethylenes in a volume ratio of from about 2 to about 5 parts diesel fuel to 1 part mixed alkoxy-terminated poly-oxymethylenes, provides a higher quality fuel having significantly improved lubricity and reduced smoke formation, without degradation of the cetane number or smoke formation characteristics when compared with the base diesel fuel.

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David S. Moulton; David Naegeli