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Fiber and Whisker Reinforced Composites and Method for Making the Same: 5,240,782


A composite material (20) comprises a matrix layer (21) having a plurality of interspersed reinforcing whiskers (23) and a plurality of continuous reinforcing fibers (25) embedded within the matrix layer (21). The preferred embodiment includes a matrix layer (21) which may be a ceramic, intermetallic or metallic material having interspersed reinforcing whiskers (23) upon which a second layer of the matrix (24) having embedded continuous reinforcing fibers (25) is placed, and a third layer (22) of the matrix material having the interspersed reinforcing whiskers (23) on the second layer (24). The composite exhibits improved fracture toughness due to the crack deflection ability of whiskers (23) and crack bridging and fiber pull out due to continuous fibers (25) and minimizes creep associated with known ceramic and intermetallic composites.

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Animesh Bose; James Lankford; Richard Page; Cheryl Blanchard