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Foot, Ankle and Lower Extremity Compression and Fixation System and Related Uses: 8,764,750


The present devices, systems and processes can simultaneously reduce a malady of the foot, ankle, and/or lower extremity and provide compression and stabilization through the use of a combined internal fixation device, external fixation device and a lower extremity stabilizing device. The various embodiments of the system are capable of providing adequate compression in the medial, central and/or lateral columns and/or sides of the foot, ankle, and/or lower extremity, as well as treating Charcot neuroarthropathy, fractures, revisional foot and combination of ankle surgeries. The external fixation device and/or lower extremity stabilizer can be removed after a certain period of time, leaving the internal fixation system within the body for prolonged stabilization and maintenance of the arthrodesis site(s).

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Thomas Zgonis; Heather Hanson; George Lamberson; Jeffrey Harris