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Integrated Modeling and Monitoring of Formation and Well Performance: 10,345,764


A method of performing aspects of an energy industry operation includes simulating an energy industry operation parameter by an analysis module, wherein simulating includes predicting values of the operational parameter via one or more mathematical models of the assembly and a formation region, and estimating an uncertainty range of at least one of the input data and the predicted values of the operational parameter; generating a performance envelope based on the predicted values and the uncertainty range; generating an operating envelope by the analysis module, the operating envelope prescribing minimum constraints on the operational parameter; during the energy industry operation, receiving real time measurements of the operational parameter by a production performance module, and comparing the measured operational parameter to the operating envelope and the performance envelope; and based on the measured operational parameter being outside the performance envelope, controlling the energy industry operation to adjust the operational parameter. 

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Rob Early; Oktay Metin Gokdemir; Ian Graham Brown; Christopher J. Freitas; Nathan F. Andrews; Nicholas J. Mueschke; Rhandy Regulacion; Eric Thiessen; Coen Smits