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Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
10,988,724 04/27/2021 Three-Dimensional Bioreactor for Cell Expansion and Related Applications

Jian Ling; Jeffrey N. Harris; Michael J. Rubal

10,974,396 04/13/2021 Robotic System for Surface Treatment of Vehicles

Glynn R. Bartlett; Jeremy K. Zoss; William C. Flannigan; Peter Boeijink

10,945,262 03/08/2021 Communication Protocol Overlay

Chenchen Jimmy Li; Marvin Sojka; Paul Struhsaker

10,927,121 02/23/2021 Technologies for Removing Residual Solvent from Nalmefene Hydrochloride and Producing Crystalline Nalmefene Hydrochloride Monohydrate, Monosolvate, or Crystalline Nalmefene Hydrochloride Dihydrate

William R. Cantrell, Jr.; Robert D. Gutierrez; Michael J. Rubal

10,900,476 01/26/2021 Natural Gas Reciprocating Compressor

Klaus Brun; Jason C. Wilkes

10,895,554 01/19/2021 Flexible Eddy Current Test Probe Using a Shape-Memory Alloy for Surface Conformance

Jonathan D. Bartlett; Albert J. Parvin, Jr.

10,859,040 12/08/2020 Internal Combustion Engine Having Catalyzed Heat Exchanger for Steam Reformation and Delivery of Hydrogen to a Fuel Cell

Cary A. Henry; Robert T. Henderson; Graham T. Conway

10,851,738 12/01/2020 Internal Combustion Engine Having Dedicated EGR Cylinder(s) and Improved Fuel Pump System

Raphael Gukelberger; Garrett L. Anderson

10,844,744 11/24/2020 Double Wall Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Turboexapnder

Jason C. Wikes

10,828,889 11/10/2020 Printing Using An Externally Generated Reference

William C. Flannigan; Glynn R. Bartlett; Cody E. Bressler