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Manufacture of Bait with Hot Melt Binder: 5,607,684


Baits useful in the control of insect populations are made by a process that includes the steps of: (a) forming droplets of a homogeneous, substantially water-free mixture comprising: (i) 0.01-99 wt % of a feeding stimulant in the form of a finely divided particulate or liquid; (ii) 0.01-99 wt % of an insecticide; and (iii) a molten, polymeric binder composition that is solid at C. and exhibits a melting point within the range from about C. to about C.; and (b) making particulate baits from the droplets by cooling the droplets to a temperature below the melting point of the mixture. The absence of added water permits the use of active insecticidal ingredients that are generally temperature sensitive to the drying temperatures needed for commercial spray drying operations as well as those sensitive to the presence of water during extended storage and transport periods. The use of the present water-free process avoids hydrolysis of the active insecticide during those periods.

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Chel W. Lew; Kelly S. Johns