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Method and Apparatus for Generating Gass in a Drilled Borehole: 5,452,763


The present apparatus and method utilizes a downhole electrolysis process implemented by means of an elongated gas generating apparatus containing an array of cascaded electrolysis cells distributed along all or part of the borehole length to be fractured. In one use of the present invention in a deep or a shallow drilled borehole, an electrical current delivered downhole converts an appropriate electrolyte to a stoichiometric mixture of combustible gases, such as, oxygen and hydrogen, which is ignited when sufficient gases have been collected to achieve the desired explosive force in the area surrounding the drilled borehole. In another use of the present invention, the gases are not ignited but rather at least one of the generated gases are delivered by pressure into the area surrounding the drilled borehole to enhance environmental remediation processes.

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Thomas E. Owen