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Method, Apparatus and System for Removing Motion Artifacts from Measurements of Bodily Parameters: 6,393,311


A method for removing motion artifacts from devices for sensing bodily parameters and apparatus and system for effecting same. The method includes analyzing segments of measured data representing bodily parameters and possibly noise from motion artifacts. Each segment of measured data may correspond to a single light signal transmitted and detected after transmission or reflection through bodily tissue. Each data segment is frequency analyzed to determine dominant frequency components. The frequency component which represents at least one bodily parameter of interest is selected for further processing. The segment of data is subdivided into subsegments, each subsegment representing one heartbeat. The subsegments are used to calculate a modified average pulse as a candidate output pulse. The candidate output pulse is analyzed to determine whether it is a valid bodily parameter and, if yes, it is output for use in calculating the at least one bodily parameter of interest without any substantial noise degradation. The above method may be applied to red and infrared pulse oximetry signals prior to calculating pulsatile blood oxygen concentration. Apparatus and systems disclosed incorporate methods disclosed according to the invention.

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Reuben W. Edgar Jr.; August J. Allo Jr.; Jesus D. Martin; John R. DelFavero; Michael B. Jaffe