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Microencapsulation Process and Apparatus: 4,764,317


A process for collecting microcapsules containing a liquid fill formed by an encapsulation head comprising maintaining a rotating substantially uniform layer of a cushioning powder between a capsule forming zone and a capsule collecting zone, expelling capsules as formed from the capsule forming zone onto a uniform layer of cushioning powder, and moving the capsules radially along said layer and the capsule collecting zone. The invention also comprises the apparatus involved which comprises an encapsulation head for expelling capsules, a powder-coated platform located below the encapsulation head for receiving said expelled capsules, means for rotating said platform to cause said capsules to move radially and fall from said platform, and a moving surface located below said platform to collect said capsules falling from said platform.

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Eugene L. Anderso; William W. Harlowe, Jr.; Leon M. Adams; Mary C. Marshall