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Patent Number Date Of Issue Title of Invention Inventors
11,618,248 04/04/2023 End of Arm Tool (EOAT) for Layup of Pre-Impregnated Composite Laminates and Robotic Arm Control System and Method

Branson P. Brockschmidt; Cody E. Bressler; Joshua D. Langsfeld

11,614,006 03/28/2023 Intake Valve Systems

Anthony Perkins; Riccardo Meldolesi; Clive Lacy; Dustin Kramer

11,608,787 03/21/2023 Internal Combustion Engine Having Carbon Dioxide Capture and Fuel Additive Synthesis System

Thomas E. Briggs, Jr.; Graham Conway

11,605,852 03/14/2023 Techniques for Forming Thermally Resilient Energy Storage Devices and a Battery Thermal Management System Implementing Same

Bapiraju Surampudi

11,585,312 02/21/2023 Focused Microwave or Radio Frequency Ignition and Plasma Generation

Yilun Luo; Brad D. Moore; Christopher Suhocki

11,573,155 02/07/2023 Generation of Nitrogen Dioxide for Use With Burner-Based Exhaust Replication System

Ryan Hartley; Robert T. Henderson III; Cary Henry

11,573,155 01/24/2023 Compressor Driveshaft Assembly and Compressor Including Same

Jason Wilkes; Zheji Liu

11,541,380 01/03/2023 Superhydrophobic Coatings for Deposit Reduction in Selective Catalytic Reductant Systems

Ryan Hartley; Shekhar Vats; Shekhar Vats

11,536,165 12/27/2022 Hydraulic Lash Assembly and Valvetrain Implementing Same

Anthony Perkins; Riccardo Meldolesi; Clive Lacy; Dustin Kramer

11,531,184 12/20/2022 Laser Beam Positioning Method Using a Patterned Mirror

Stanley L. Ream; Craig T. Walters; William c. Flannigan