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Non-Contact Apparatus and Method for Measuring Surface Profile: 7,382,471


Embodiments of the invention provide a non-contact method for measuring the surface profile of an object that can include generating a point-type optical signal and projecting it on a rotatable precision optical grating, generating a rotating pattern of light and dark lines onto the object, recording a series of images of the rotating pattern moving across the object with an image receiving device and calculating the surface profile of the object. Other embodiments can include a method to calibrate the system and a non-contact apparatus that generally includes a point-type light source, a rotatably mounted optical grating being configured to project a moving grating image on the object, a processor in communication with the image capturing device and configured to receive image input from the image capturing device and generate a surface profile representation of the object therefrom.

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Ernest A. Franke; Michael J. Magee; Michael P. Rigney; Joseph N. Mitchell; Robert J. Beeson