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Nondestructive Inspection Apparatus: 7,421,915


A nondestructive inspection apparatus is designed to inspect components in a small gap of a structure. A main body 19 of the nondestructive inspection apparatus is positioned on a spray line header 13 connected to a thermal sleeve 16 within a cooling water inlet nozzle 12, and fixed to a core spray line 14 by vertically clamping the core spray line 14 with fixing units 21a, 21b at the position where the thermal sleeve 16 to be inspected is located. Scanners 24a, 24b insert a tape probe 27 having an inspection head 28 inside an annular gap 17 formed between the thermal sleeve 16 and the cooling water inlet nozzle 12 in an axial direction. The scanners 24a, 24b are guided by guide rails 22a, 22b to move the tape prove 27 so that the inspection head 28 can move in the circumferential direction of the annular gap 17.

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Tadashi Yamane; Yasuhiko Katsube; Takashi Sato; Albert J. Parvin; Rolf Glauser; James F. Crane