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Seamless Integrating Cavity of Monolithic Fumed Silica: 11,346,771


A seamless fumed silica monolithic integrating cavity device tailored to analyzing a flowed sample. The device is configured to facilitate optical measurements taken from a sample flowed through a cavity of the device. The cavity is defined by a fumed silica monolith with the added feature of a fused quartz lining on the surface of the monolith. This provides an intermediate surface that allows for cleaning and reuse of the highly effective diffuse light scattering fumed silica monolith. The lining may be placed under pressure or vacuum to structurally enhance mechanical integrity of the underlying monolith. Thus, continued or reliably repeated use of the device may be appreciated as well as use in more industrial environments that are prone to vibration. Additionally, while well suited for flow-based sample analysis, a valve of the cavity may be utilized for holding a sample in a temporarily static state for measurement.

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Thomas Moore; Kurt D. Retherford; Charity Phillips-Lander