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System for Locating Leaks in Geomembrane-lined Impoundment or Landfill Filled with Material: 4,947,470


This invention is directed to detecting and locating leaks in geomembrane liners used to contain liquid or liquid-solid materials, such as in waste landfills and liquid impoundments. An array of electric or magnetic field detectors is placed on one side of the liner. The detector array is on a plane generally parallel to the liner, and the location of each detector is known. A voltage is impressed across the liner. When a leak occurs in the liner, a current flows through the leak, creating an electric field and a magnetic field around the leak. The existence of the electric or magnetic field is detected by the detector array, which indicates a leak. The leak is located with orthogonal measurements from selected detectors, and these measurements are used to geometrically locate the leak.

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Glenn T. Darilek