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System and Method for Accurately Monitoring the Cardiovascular State of a Living Subject: 5,931,790


A blood-pressure measurement system accurately monitors a living subject's cardiovascular state, even if the living subject's blood pressure changes during a measurement, the living subject exhibits frequent arrhythmias, or motion artifacts are present during the blood-pressure measurement. The blood-pressure measurement system of this invention provides an arrhythmia-pulse correcting circuit that corrects the amplitudes of oscillometric pulses produced by arrhythmias. An oscillometric-systolic-pressure correcting circuit corrects the measured systolic oscillometric blood pressure when a living subject's blood pressure is changing during the oscillometric blood-pressure measurement. A quality-assurance and data-checking circuit determines the reliability of the oscillometric blood-pressure values, determines the cause of problems in the blood-pressure measurement process, alerts a user if a reliable oscillometric blood-pressure measurement cannot be obtained and performs user-specified living subject evaluation checks.

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Harry H. Peel, III