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Systems and Methods for Flaw Detection and Monitoring at Elevated Temperatures with Wireless Communication Using Surface Embedded, Monolithically Integrated, Thin-Film, Magnetically Actuated Sensors, and Methods for Fabricating the Sensors: 8,486,545


Systems and methods for flaw detection and monitoring at elevated temperatures with wireless communication using surface embedded, monolithically integrated, thin-film, magnetically actuated sensors, and methods for fabricating the sensors. The sensor is a monolithically integrated, multi-layered (nano-composite), thin-film sensor structure that incorporates a thin-film, multi-layer magnetostrictive element, a thin-film electrically insulating or dielectric layer, and a thin-film activating layer such as a planar coil. The method for manufacturing the multi-layered, thin-film sensor structure as described above, utilizes a variety of factors that allow for optimization of sensor characteristics for application to specific structures and in specific environments. The system and method integrating the multi-layered, thin-film sensor structure as described above, further utilizes wireless connectivity to the sensor to allow the sensor to be mounted on moving components within the monitored assembly.

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Bruce R. Lanning; Glenn M. Light; Stephen J. Hudak Jr.; James A. Moryl