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Time-gain Control Method and System for Long-Range Guided-Wave Inspection and Monitoring: 7,610,791


Systems and methods are described that carry out an intelligent, variable, time-gain control (TGC) of signal amplification in a long-range, guided-wave inspection and monitoring system. The systems and methods compensate for signal attenuation over the longer distances that guided-wave inspection techniques are capable of operating with. The sensor signal received is divided into relevant frequency bands that are each subjected to a variable TGC through separate variable gain amplifiers (VGAs). The gain selection is processor controlled through the use of a digital look-up table (LUT) stored with predetermined gain functions and/or data that are both time and frequency specific. The signal components are re-combined and digitized for further signal analysis and defect detection. The LUT is established through one or more methods including a weld signal amplitude equalization approach and a background noise equalization approach.

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Hegeon Kwun; Ronald H. Peterson