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Virtual Blasting System for Removal of Coating and/or Rust from a Virtual Surface: 7,817,162


A computer simulation and virtual reality system simulates the use of a blasting nozzle to remove one or more coatings and/or rust from a virtual surface. The user operates an electronic controller in the form of a blasting nozzle that outputs a signal indicating whether the blasting nozzle controller is in an "on" position or in an "off" position. The system also has a motion tracking system that tracks the position and orientation of the blasting nozzle controller with respect to the virtual surface defined on the display screen. Simulation software in a computer generates virtual blast pattern data, and the removal of the virtual coating(s) and/or rust image from the virtual surface is displayed in real time on the display screen.

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Michael Bolick; Chris Lampe; Jason Ebensberger; Jeremiah Treloar; Rick Klein; Eric Conrad Peterson; Chad Jason Zalkin