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SwRI, India’s Council of Scientific and Industrial Research sign strategic alliance agreement

Jan. 20, 2011 — Southwest Research Institute® (SwRI®) and India's Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) today signed a three-year Strategic Alliance Agreement in Pune, India, to cooperate in the development of novel technologies in fuels research and engine development projects.

The agreement between SwRI and CSIR, through its Indian Institute of Petroleum Laboratory (IIP), allows for the two research and development organizations to establish a Center of Excellence in "Combustion Characteristics and Emissions of Future Fuels and Engine Development." The agreement also encourages SwRI to support CSIR/IIP in developing lubricant evaluation facilities, to cooperate with CSIR/IIP on work for Indian clients, to utilize IIP facilities and expertise in projects run by SwRI, to submit joint R&D projects to the INDO-US Forum for Science & Technology and other governmental agencies in India for funding, and to work together to create joint proposals for organizing seminars in India and the United States.

"Engine, vehicle and emissions research and development is growing at a rapid pace in India. Along with increased research in fuels and lubricants required for end use, the strategic alliance with IIP will help accelerate that trend, not only for introduction and use in India, but for potential export," said Bruce Bykowski, vice president of SwRI's Engine, Emissions and Vehicle Research Division.

"This agreement with IIP provides SwRI additional opportunities to participate in one of the fastest growing segments of the automotive world," added Lee Grant, vice president of SwRI's Fuels and Lubricants Research Division.

Now in its 64th year, SwRI uses a multidisciplinary approach to engine design and development, and test programs on a wide range of components, engines, transmissions and vehicles. It is internationally known for its fuels and lubricants research activities of components and fluids for on-road, off-road, rail and water-borne transportation systems as well as recreational vehicles and stationary power equipment.

IIP is one of 39 national laboratories of the CSIR, a research and development organization that promotes, guides and coordinates scientific industrial research activities through its constituent laboratories in India. It has undertaken R&D work in petroleum refining, natural gas, alternative fuels, petrochemicals and the utilization of petroleum products in internal combustion engines, and assists the Bureau of Indian Standards in formulating standards for petroleum products, equipment and devices using these products.

The signing took place at the National Chemical Laboratory in Pune during the Symposium on International Automotive Technology, which brings together automotive experts across the globe to share thoughts and innovative ideas concerning recent developments in automotive technology. SwRI participated in the symposium with an exhibit of its expertise and technology.

In 2010, SwRI established a relationship with Dr. G.K. Sharma to aid in Indian business development.

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