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SwRI Technology Today Podcast celebrates first anniversary

November 18, 2019 — Southwest Research Institute’s Technology Today Podcast celebrates one year of giving listeners an inside perspective on world-changing science, engineering, research and technology through informative conversations with SwRI experts. The podcast highlights SwRI advances, discoveries and programs in easy-to-follow discussions with institute technical staff. It encourages the audience to simply, “listen and learn.”

“The Technology Today Podcast breaks through the complexities of science, engineering and technology, giving a wide audience the opportunity to understand and explore these topics,” said SwRI Communications Executive Director Dr. Tim Martin. “It’s really a conversation for everyone.”

Since the monthly podcast’s launch in November 2018, episodes have spanned deep sea to deep space, showcasing cutting-edge technology and science with global reach. Episode 1 featured Dr. Alan Stern, SwRI space scientist and NASA New Horizons mission principal investigator, discussing the history-making journeys to Pluto and Ultima Thule, renamed Arrokoth. The ancient body, located in the Kuiper Belt, is the farthest object ever explored by humankind. Since then, podcast discussions have delved into a variety of topics, including food science, additive manufacturing, robotics, automated driving and, most recently, a computer algorithm that detects cancer cells.

Technology Today is hosted and produced by Lisa Peña, an SwRI Communications senior specialist and a former broadcast journalist. Peña says the podcast’s mission is summed up in the introduction of each episode — “We live with technology, science, engineering and the results of innovative research every day. Now, let's understand it better.”

“The podcast connects the dots for listeners and explains how science and engineering discoveries evolve into the technology that impacts our lives,” added Peña. “We are talking to the people developing solutions for a range of challenges. The podcast offers a platform to appreciate the journey of innovation from their perspective.”

The Technology Today team will release a special anniversary episode today, revisiting a few of the discussions over the past year and highlighting the “listen and learn” theme of the podcast. The anniversary episode will also introduce two new segments: “Breakthroughs,” which explores personal moments of discovery told by the people who lived them and “Ask us Anything,” where SwRI experts answer listener and social media questions.

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For more information, visit Technology Today Podcast or contact Lisa Peña at +1 210 522 2046, Communications Department, Southwest Research Institute, 6220 Culebra Road, San Antonio, TX 78238-5166.