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Safety Valve Testing

The Flow Component Testing Facilities (FCTF) at SwRI are accredited through the American Petroleum Institute (API) to perform validation testing on both surface and subsurface safety valves. The facilities are also used to perform safety valve testing on other downhole safety valves, riser isolation valves, and wellhead valves. All testing is completed under an API Q1 and ISO 17025 quality management system.

Safety Valve Testing Services

API 14A Subsurface Safety Valves (SSSV)

SwRI performs SSSV testing on surface control safety valves (SCSSV) and subsurface control safety valves (SSCSV), subsurface injection safety valves (SSISV), and annular safety valves.

  • Validation Testing – Annex B
  • Functional Testing – Annex C
  • Operating Life Testing, Differential Opening – Annex G
  • Extended Sand Endurance Testing – Annex I
  • High Rate Gas Slam Closure Testing – Annex K
  • Experimental Flow and Integrity Testing

API 14A Annex B Subsurface Safety Valve Validation Test Application   Download PDF   Download Word Document

API 14A Subsurface Safety Valve Gas Test Application   Download PDF   Download Word Document

API Safety Valve Validation Testing

API 6AV1 Wellhead Surface Safety Valves & Underwater Safety Valve for Offshore Service

SwRI performs testing on various types of valves used as underwater safety valves (USV), surface safety valves (SSV), and boarding shutdown valves (BDSV). This equipment is essential for emergency shutdown of offshore production.

API Spec. 6AV1 Surface Safety Valve Test Application  Download PDF   Download Word Document

API 6A-PR2 testing is performed within the Structural Engineering Department at SwRI.

API 19V and API 17G tests can be found in Downhole Completion & Subsea Valve Testing.

For more information about safety valve testing, please contact Christopher Jowers at +1 210 522 4221.