Advanced science.  Applied technology.


Senior Research Technologist: GS-07F-6087P

Engine, Emissions and Vehicle Research Division

QUALIFICATIONS: Incumbents must have the knowledge to manage programs successfully, knowledge of current technology associated with the field of specialization, ability to mentor subordinate staff, ability to write and present technical publications to groups of peers, and ability to market programs. Incumbent should have 20 years of prior experience in TS-1 through TS-5 positions or have demonstrated equivalent experience, knowledge, and ability. A newly hired staff member should have a high school or equivalent education, a combination of 20 years of continuing education and/or related experience, or a Bachelor's degree in technology from an accredited university with five to 10 years of experience in the field of specialization.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Conducts scientific and engineering research and development in field of specialization. Manages project work tasks and fiscal monitoring to assure the timely completion of work within proposed budget. Designs and develops new laboratory procedures to address particular needs of clients or industry as a whole. Mentors and supervises subordinate staff in the location of technical activities. Advises scientific and engineering staff in field of specialization.