Advanced science.  Applied technology.


Senior Technician: GS-07F-6087P

Engine, Emissions and Vehicle Research Division

QUALIFICATIONS: Incumbents should have knowledge of complex blueprints, engineering drawings or equipment schematics, custom sample preparation, and testing procedure peculiar to a field of effort; basic engineering or scientific principles relative to the field of technical support, design, and fabrication of specialized equipment. New employees should have a high school or equivalent education and a combination of five to ten years of continuing education, or trade school and/or related experience. Validated tests are given to determine level of knowledge and skill in a particular field.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Using personal discretion and knowledge, constructs components, subunits, models, and adaptations of standard equipment. Troubleshoots problems with test equipment and components and corrects malfunctions or secures appropriate service for repair. Conducts customized tests or experiments that require minor modifications in test set-up or procedures. Selects testing set-up and operates test equipment to record data by hand or ensures automated retrieval of data output. Performs routine analysis to check applicability, accuracy, and reasonableness of data. They should also have the ability to supervise subordinate technical support staff effectively in completion of project activities and communicate well with scientific and engineering staff.