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Fluid Filter Testing

We characterize oil, fuel, and hydraulic fluid filter performance and integrity using computerized fluid filter test facilities. Testing determines filtering ability according to the various engineering specifications as well as specialized requirements for lubricant oil, hydraulic and fuel filters of all sizes, including automotive, light- and heavy-duty diesel, locomotive, aircraft and marine filters.

Our facility features versatile test systems which allow the differential pressure buildup across the test filter to be measured as contaminants are removed by the filter from the test fluid. The system’s automated contaminant-addition handler provides a variable contaminant add-rate for selected compositions. This system is calibrated to ISO 11171 specifications and used to test according but not limited to ISO 4548 and SAE J1985 specifications. Other test benches are used for water separation testing using SAE J1488 and J1839 procedures.  Further, a developmental test bench is available for evaluating filtration performance under controlled mechanical vibration or cyclic flow conditions.

Traditional Filter Tests

Examples of established filter tests performed at SwRI are:

  • ISO 19438: Filter Test - Diesel fuel and Petrol filter, filtration efficiency using particle count and contaminant retention capacity.
  • ISO 16889: Filter Test - Multi-Pass Filter Test - bottle sampling and particle counts
  • ISO 4548-12: Filter Test - Multi-Pass Filter Test - filtration efficiency using on-line particle counter and contaminant retention capacity
  • SAE J1985: Fuel Filter Testing - Initial Single-Pass Efficiency Test
  • SAE HS-806: HS806 Sec. 5: Filter Test – The HS-806 filter test includes evaluation for resistance to flow; filter capacity and contaminant removal; retention capability; media migration; collapse test for lube oil elements; anti-drainback valve test; effects of water in the oil filter capacity; ability to meet environmental conditions and more.