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General Services Administration (GSA) Schedules

The General Services Administration (GSA) provides contract solutions for agencies within the United States government to purchase goods and services. Southwest Research Institute, a leading nonprofit applied research organization, helps private industry and federal clients solve challenges from deep sea to deep space. Visit Client Services for a comprehensive list of our services. We support government under a variety of Government Contract Vehicles including GSA Schedule 66, GSA 00CORP and GSA OASIS.

GSA Schedule 66 – GS-07F-6087P

The GSA Schedule 66 provides government clients a contract vehicle to procure scientific equipment and services. This includes, testing and measurement equipment, instruments, furnishings, and environmental analysis equipment, among other areas. SwRI’s Schedule 66 services help government clients research and evaluate automotive equipment, fuels and lubricants, and chemical products used in a variety of applications.

Download Schedule 66 Price List (PDF), call +1 210 522 5422 or contact Patrick Merritt for information.

GSA 00CORP – GS-23F-006M 

The 00CORP GSA Schedule provides government clients with a contract vehicle to procure a broad range of professional services from approved government contractors. SwRI provides a variety of professional services to the federal government under the following special item number (SIN) categories:

Download Schedule 00CORP Pricelist (PDF), call +1 210 522 6928 or contact Roger Lopez for information.


GSA OASIS offers flexibility and control to contracts, allowing federal clients to control task orders with discretion in order and procedures. The OASIS contract vehicle is organized by seven “pools,” which are organized by size and services. The pools are multiple-award, indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ), task order contracts.  SwRI offers science, engineering, technical, program and project management services, among others, under the following GSA OASIS Pool numbers listed below:

Download GSA OASIS Flyer (PDF), call +1 210 522 5180 or contact Janice Dean for information.