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Technology Today: The Podcast

About Technology Today: The Podcast

The Technology Today Podcast launched in November 2018, offering a new way to listen and learn about the technology, science, engineering and research impacting our lives and changing our world. The podcast is presented by Southwest Research Institute, a nonprofit contract R&D organization developing innovative solutions for government and industry clients. Podcast host Lisa Peña is breaking through the tech jargon and talking to the scientists, engineers and researchers building the future of technology. It’s a conversation bringing tech to life and helping us understand how technology, science, engineering and research link to our daily lives.

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Episode 4

The Beauty of Data

What happens when you add art to science and engineering? Our guest in this episode is Dr. Amy McCleney, a Southwest Research Institute fluids engineer. She’s collecting data in a creative, colorful way. In addition to running numbers and poring over.... MORE >>

Episode 3

Serving Up Science

What’s in our food? Scientists are chopping, grinding and pureeing their way to answers. In this episode, we meet food chemistry expert Lorraine Scheller, a food lab manager at Southwest Research Institute. Learn how her team breaks down our... MORE >>

Episode 2

Robots in the Real World

Robots are busy behind the scenes, contributing to a variety of industries. How do robots impact our daily lives? What tasks are they taking on and who’s using them? SwRI robotics expert Matt Robinson says everything manufactured today is being... MORE >>

Episode 1

New Horizons Ultima Thule Flyby

Get ready for a front row seat on a history-making mission to the far reaches of the outer solar system! Southwest Research Institute space scientist Alan Stern is leading NASA’s galactic journey to the Kuiper Belt to explore 2014 MU69, or Ultima Thule...  MORE >>