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Progress is a web-based, precision manufacturing system optimized for specialized, limited-quantity manufacturing projects where precision and quality are critical. Progress provides manufacturing and quality assurance functions through four major modules:

  • Controlled Stores
  • Document Control
  • Manufacturing Planning Sheets (MPS)
  • Calibrated Equipment

As a web application, Progress provides these functions through any of the latest web browsers, with several user access level options and other user management features available for each module. Progress also provides functions to export data, create custom reports, configure modules with project-specific settings, and system administration functions. Additionally, the controlled stores, document control and calibrated equipment modules link into the MPS module to provide an integrated view of manufacturing activities.

Additional upcoming modules include:

  • Nonconformance management (currently residing in the PIMS product)
  • Project workload management
  • Expanded document control
  • Project archiving

Please see the “Modules,” “Architecture,” and “Purchase” links above for more information.